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Polyacrylamide, as a new polymer flocculant, is widely used in various industries. According to its

Polyaluminium chloride has a production process consisting of roller grade polyaluminium chloride an

Polyaluminum chloride is one of the most commonly used and common water purification agents. As a wa

PFS is a kind of high-efficiency ferric salt flocculant. The content of ferric sulfate in PFS is gen

Polyaluminium ferric chloride is a kind of inorganic polymer coagulant which is provided with specif

Polyferric sulfate is a kind of macromolecular ferric salt flocculant. When it is used, it is usuall

Basic aluminum chloride, abbreviated as basic aluminum chloride, is an early water treatment agent i

Aluminum chloride is black powder or granular in appearance, and has the functions of bacteria remov

Ferrous sulfate is a kind of soil acid-base regulator, which is rich in indispensable iron element f

Polyaluminum chloride, as a common water purification agent, can be used to treat the sewage of vari

Polyacrylamide is widely used in many industries, especially in the water treatment industry, the us

At present, there are both liquid and solid polyferric sulfate in the market. However, because solid

Polyacrylamide in the market is basically a solid powder crystal. When it is used, the solid polyacr

Poly ferric sulfate is an efficient inorganic polymer coagulant, which has a very good effect on sew

Polyaluminum chloride is a very good water purification agent product. At present, it is widely used

The common polyacrylamide is cationic polyacrylamide and anionic polyacrylamide, and most of the pol

As a water purification agent, polyferric sulfate not only has good effect in water treatment, but a

The product quality of polyaluminum chloride has always been a concern of people, so how can we roug

Polyaluminum chloride is widely used in water purification industry, and has been recognized by cust

Polyacrylamide is used in many industries. Today, we will introduce some practical applications of P