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Advantages, characteristics and application methods of polyferric sulfate

TIME:2023-07-21 17:33:31SOURCE:admin

PFS is a kind of high-efficiency ferric salt flocculant. The content of ferric sulfate in PFS is generally between 20% and 21%. The solid PFS is reddish brown powder or granule, which is easily soluble in water and some organic solvents.


As a new and high-quality polymer flocculant, polyferric sulfate has good flocculation effect, large alum and fast sedimentation. The purified water does not contain toxic and harmful substances. It is safe and reliable. It has obvious effects of turbidity removal, decolorization, deoiling, dehydration and COD removal. It is suitable for wide pH range of water body, with the best pH value between 6-9, small dosage and low price. Therefore, PFS can achieve the ideal effect in the treatment of domestic water, industrial circulating water, chemical industry, papermaking, printing and dyeing, steel and other industrial wastewater.


The use is to prepare the solid PFS into 10% to 30% concentration of aqueous solution. According to the water to be treated, the prepared solution is put in the best dosage, and the ideal coagulation effect can be obtained by fully mixing. In a large number of practical applications, the single PFS can not achieve the expected treatment effect in many cases, so it is often necessary to add some other additives in the use, and then carry out the industrial dynamic test, with the best proportion and dosage.

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Advantages, characteristics and application methods of polyferric sulfate

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