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The effect of basic aluminum chloride on water treatment in papermaking and printing and dyeing industry is unique

TIME:2023-07-21 17:33:30SOURCE:admin

Basic aluminum chloride, abbreviated as basic aluminum chloride, is an early water treatment agent in China, generally with black appearance. In recent years, with the rise of polyaluminum chloride, it has gradually replaced basic aluminum chloride and become the mainstream product in the market, but in some aspects, it still has its unique use.


The basic aluminum chloride has the advantages of fast flocculation and high sedimentation efficiency. It has different effects of general water purification agents in the treatment of papermaking and printing and dyeing industrial wastewater. This is mainly because there are a lot of wood fibers and clothing fibers in the wastewater of papermaking and printing and dyeing industries, and these fibers are large. Some fibers can even be observed directly. When basic aluminum chloride is used, it can react with these fibers quickly, form large precipitation and settle rapidly, which has the characteristics of short treatment time and good water quality after treatment. Most of the wastewater in papermaking and printing and dyeing industry is high concentration wastewater. Without adding some other additives, basic aluminum chloride printing and dyeing can achieve good wastewater treatment effect. In papermaking industry, some wastewater containing a large amount of lignic acid is often treated. Basic aluminum chloride can be very good in medium and acid, so that the wastewater treatment can achieve ideal effect.


So the basic aluminum chloride has better effect than the general flocculant in the printing and dyeing and papermaking industry, but because the production process of basic aluminum chloride is more complex, many basic aluminum chloride manufacturers sell inferior products as good ones. As the production center of water treatment chemicals in Gongyi City, our factory has high-quality production process, and ensures the quality of products to meet the needs of customers.

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The effect of basic aluminum chloride on water treatment in papermaking and printing and dyeing industry is unique

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