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Polyaluminium chloride treatment of papermaking wastewater Time:2018-11-21 09:32

Polyaluminium chloride treats papermaking wastewater. The process of making paper is extremely polluting to the environment. The papermaking industry is one of the world's major industrial pollution sources. There is a lot of water used in the papermaking process. The production of 1 ton of paper requires about 300-500 m3 of water, and the amount of wastewater generated by it accounts for about 10% of the total domestic industrial wastewater.

Through experiments, we can find out how polyaluminium chloride treats papermaking wastewater. The wastewater samples include pulping wastewater, bleaching wastewater and residual white water in paper machine. The indicators of wastewater are: pH 6.2, ss1925mg/L, COD 5270mg/L. , the color is 1000 times.

Coagulation experiment and determination method Take 100ml papermaking wastewater in a beaker, add the polyaluminium chloride coagulant under rapid stirring, continue to stir for 1 minute, then add the polyacrylamide solution, then let stand for 10 minutes, take it. The liquid measures turbidity, color, cod and other indicators. The results of coagulation experiments show that the use of polyacrylamide combined with polyaluminium chloride for the turbidity, chroma and cod removal of papermaking wastewater is significantly improved compared to the use of polyaluminium chloride alone.