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The advantages of basic aluminum chloride phase

TIME:2023-07-21 17:33:29SOURCE:admin

Aluminum chloride is black powder or granular in appearance, and has the functions of bacteria removal, deodorization, decolorization, oil removal, heavy metal removal and radioactive pollution. It has wide application in the purification of sewage, and has fast flocculation forming, no need to add alkaline auxiliary, wide pH value, less salt in treated water, high effective component, easy to store and transport, and easy to deliquescence in case of water, But the effect is not changed.


Aluminum ash is mainly used in the production of basic aluminum chloride. The one-step aluminum ash acid solution is adopted. The alkalinity of aluminum chloride is controlled to the specified index. It belongs to inorganic polymer. It has a unique effect in treating the reverse side of papermaking and printing and dyeing wastewater. It is used for oil-water separation in oil refining industry, and the effect is very good.


Compared with polyaluminium chloride, the alkalinity of the water consumed by the basic aluminum chloride under the same dosage is less than that of various inorganic coagulants, and the pH value of treated water is reduced. Therefore, when treating high concentration sewage, no alkaline AIDS or less coagulant aids can be added, thus saving costs.


With the development of social science and technology, polychloride has gradually become the main product of water treatment industry, which is mainly used in domestic sewage, industrial wastewater, water plant, etc. Although the market share of basic aluminum chloride has shrunk, it still has a good effect in high pollution industries such as printing and dyeing, papermaking and so on.

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The advantages of basic aluminum chloride phase

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