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Application of polyaluminum chloride in river regulation

TIME:2023-07-21 17:33:26SOURCE:admin

Polyaluminum chloride is a very good water purification agent product. At present, it is widely used in industrial wastewater treatment and tap water supply, and some of them play a very good role in river treatment.


The primary treatment of river pollution is to intercept the sewage, intercept and collect the polluted water, and then send it to the sewage treatment pool. At this time, polyaluminum chloride will be used. Through the coagulation effect of polyaluminum chloride, these sewage will be regulated to meet the relevant discharge standards before being discharged into the river.


The treatment of river pollution also needs to remove the polluted silt in the riverbed. Through excavators and other equipment, the sludge is sent to the treatment equipment, and then polyaluminum chloride is added. Polyaluminum chloride has a very strong sludge dewatering effect here. The water in the sludge is discharged into the river after treatment, and the dewatered sludge can be used as river sand after treatment, which not only protects the environment, but also increases the income. In the river sewage interception treatment and sludge dewatering are generally carried out at the same time, sediment in sewage treatment and water in sludge dewatering need to cooperate with each other, so as to achieve better results.


Polyaluminum chloride has a good effect on sewage treatment and sludge dewatering, but it needs reasonable operation steps.

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Application of polyaluminum chloride in river regulation

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