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Polyaluminium chloride for various industries Time:2018-12-04 13:07

Polyaluminium chloride is mainly used for urban water supply and drainage purification: river water, reservoir water, groundwater; industrial water purification, urban sewage treatment, recovery of useful materials in industrial wastewater and waste residue, promotion of coal powder sedimentation in coal washing wastewater, starch manufacturing The recovery of starch; polyaluminium chloride can purify various industrial wastewaters, such as: printing and dyeing wastewater, leather wastewater, fluorine-containing wastewater, heavy metal wastewater, oily wastewater, papermaking wastewater, coal washing wastewater, mine wastewater, brewing wastewater, metallurgical wastewater, meat class of processing wastewater, etc.; Polyaluminium chloride for sewage treatment: paper sizing, sugar liquid refining, casting molding, cloth anti-wrinkle, catalyst carrier, pharmaceutical refined cement quick-setting, cosmetic raw materials.


Sewage treatment

Polyaluminium chloride products are widely used in the sewage treatment industry, especially products such as polyaluminium chloride and polyacrylamide have outstanding effects in wastewater flocculation and sedimentation, and are widely used in daily life sewage and chemical wastewater, industrial sewage treatment.


Polyaluminium chloride flocculants have a very good performance in the mining industry and have been used in ore washing and mineral separation. On the one hand, the water is separated from the gangue to facilitate the reuse of water; on the other hand, polyacrylamide dehydrates the produced sludge.

Oil exploitation

Polyaluminium chloride is the main material for wastewater treatment in petroleum exploitation; polyacrylamide is a kind of multifunctional oilfield chemical treatment agent, used as oil displacement agent, water shutoff regulator, drilling fluid conditioner, fracturing in petroleum exploitation. Liquid additive.

Paper industry

Polyaluminium chloride is mainly used in the paper industry for sewage and water treatment (in papermaking). Its main use is for rosin neutral sizing precipitants and retention, filter aids, and for controlling well-known obstacles. And as a capture agent for anion magazines.


The soil crust has the characteristics of large density, small pores and low saturated hydraulic conductivity, which can hinder soil water infiltration, increase surface runoff and hinder seed germination. Polyacrylamide can increase soil moisture content, inhibit soil crust formation, and increase water infiltration.

Textile industry

The wastewater produced by the textile printing and dyeing industry has the characteristics of large water volume, deep color and high content of organic pollutants. It is one of the more difficult wastewaters in industrial wastewater; the application of product polyaluminium chloride, the flowering process in the process Large, the sedimentation speed is fast, and the treatment effect is obvious. The study found that: polyaluminium chloride can be used for anti-wrinkle function of cloth.

Daily chemical industry

Polyaluminium chloride has obvious effect on flocculation and sedimentation of wastewater in daily chemical production; another white polyaluminium chloride is a high-end product in water purification flocculant, belonging to food grade polyaluminium chloride, also used in pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. The beauty industry uses raw materials or additives.