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Polyaluminium chloride is more suitable for paper industry than aluminum sulfate Time:2018-12-03 09:45

Analysis of application experience in the paper industry has led to the conclusion that polyaluminium chloride is more widely used and more effective than aluminum sulfate. So what is the reason for this?

1.Aluminum sulfate is only suitable for acidic sizing, while polyaluminium chloride can be sizing in acidic and neutral environments, the corrosion of the system is obviously weakened, and the treatment of white water is easier. At the same time, the polyaluminium chloride is a pre-hydrolyzate of aluminum chloride, the degree of hydrolysis is relatively low, and the pH value of the pulp is less than that of aluminum sulfate.

2.paper performance in addition to cracking strength, other indicators are increased to varying degrees; such as the use of polyaluminium chloride sizing, slurry retention, filter aid significantly improved.

3.the appearance of white, iron content is very low, can meet the needs of manufacturing high-quality paper; can be filled with cheap calcium carbonate filler, not only reduces production costs. Improve the whiteness and folding resistance of the paper, and overcome the disadvantages that synthetic rubber is difficult to avoid such as slipping,difficult to control the sizing degree, etc..

4.A large number of polynuclear hydroxyaluminum complexes with positive charge and stable shape can effectively promote flocculation and sizing.