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Polyaluminium chloride for printing and dyeing wastewater Time:2018-11-28 09:15

Polyaluminium chloride is used to treat printing and dyeing wastewater. Printing and dyeing wastewater is one of the most difficult industrial wastewaters due to its high content of organic pollutants, large alkalinity and large changes in water quality. The decolorization of wastewater in the printing and dyeing industry has caused problems. Some factories do not meet the standard requirements. One of them is the chromaticity problem, mainly because the color reversion phenomenon often occurs after treatment, which is a headache for factory managers. If this item is not handled properly, it will easily cause the water quality COD to fail to meet the standard and odor. If it is not treated, it will have a great impact on the lake environment and the biological chain.

If the printing and dyeing wastewater often has a color change after treatment, it should be changed from the traditional treatment method. After all, the printing and dyeing dyes and additives used in the printing and dyeing industry are innovating, and the environmental protection law requirements are becoming more and more strict. The method can only be eliminated. Nowadays, physicochemical methods and biological methods are commonly used for decolorization and COD reduction of printing and dyeing wastewater. Among them, although the biological method has a good treatment effect, because the operating cost of the biological method is too high, some small and medium-sized enterprises can not bear the operating cost of the treatment, so the physicochemical method is commonly used, and the least costly method is the flocculation precipitation method. It is mostly used for wastewater pretreatment, and the agent used in this step is also an important factor affecting the effect of subsequent treatment.

Lvyuan Polyaluminium Chloride Manufacturers recommend that you use a combination of polyaluminium chloride and polyacrylamide in water treatment. The combination of the two agents is superior to other water purifiers. It has a good effect on water treatment, and the decolorization effect is also very remarkable. The printing and dyeing wastewater is coagulated and deconsolidates the contaminated suspended matter in the water to form a floc which is easy to separate from mud and water, thereby achieving the decolorization effect.