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polyaluminium chloride for domestic sewage treatment Time:2018-11-27 08:59

The turbidity of polyaluminium chloride used in domestic sewage treatment can effectively remove harmful substances in sewage, reduce COD and turbidity in sewage, and polyaluminium chloride as high molecular polymer, which has flocculation, adsorption and reinforcement, and is suitable for various types of industrial wastewater purification treatment, urban domestic sewage purification treatment, domestic sewage treatment and sludge dewatering and drying.

The use of polyaluminium chloride for the treatment of domestic sewage is outstanding. After a large number of application practices, it is proved that the use of polyaluminium chloride to treat domestic sewage has a coup, which can replace the traditional iron and aluminum salt coagulant, which can significantly improve the purification efficiency of the sewage treatment plant. Reduce treatment costs and improve effluent quality. Polyaluminium chloride not only has strong agglomeration and turbidity, but also has obvious decolorization and humus removal effects. Under the same treatment conditions, the polyaluminium chloride product can achieve the best flocculation treatment of domestic sewage, and the required dose is reduced by 2/3 compared with the traditional aluminum salt. Under the same dosage conditions, the use of polyaluminium chloride can obtain more than the traditional The lower residual turbidity of the aluminum salt is superior to other similar products in other production processes. The polyaluminium chloride has good water solubility, and the physical and chemical changes such as electrochemistry, coagulation, adsorption and precipitation in the dissolution process finally produce [Al2(OH)3(OH)3], thereby purifying the object. Therefore, when using polyaluminium chloride, no additional additives are needed, and the floc formation is fast and coarse, the activity is high, the precipitation is fast, and the purification effect on the high turbidity water is obvious.